By Randy Mountz.

Happy New Year 2021!  We are all happy to see 2020 go. For most everyone 2020 represented a very challenging year for both people and businesses. Rather than focus on all the negatives, I wanted to highlight some of the positives from 2020. I have always been a half-glass full type of person.
I am happy our business at rise44 continued to accelerate careers and continued to build companies. We continued to find candidates great new career opportunities and partner with some great companies in a very different environment. We adapted to the circumstances and positively kept our focus. We continue to have great conversations with candidates and companies utilizing the phone and ZOOM more than ever before. I have learned that if we can get through some of the 2020 obstacles, we can achieve anything.

Personally, I reconnected with many friends from different aspects of my life, college friends, professional colleagues, and friends throughout different phases of my life. I made a sincere effort to continue eating healthy and adding yoga and hiking to my daily workout regimen. Additionally, I began learning Spanish. I was able to discover and learn more things about myself both professionally and personally.

So reflecting on the year got me thinking about gratitude. I’m grateful for good health, good friends, and good business partners. I want to say “thank you” to those that supported me or supported anyone in this trying year. I want to acknowledge that many did experience challenges, I’m sensitive to it, and here for anyone if I can be of any assistance personally or professionally. I’m thankful for the lessons learned and that we need to appreciate what we have rather than focus on what we don’t have. I want to show my appreciation for those that worked so hard in whatever vocation you’re in because I’m sure you have family or some higher purpose behind it driving you (all my respect!).

In summary, there was plenty of good and lots of positivity from 2020. I can only imagine How great 2021 will be!