"Randy Mountz is probably the best headhunter I've worked with and I've had a great experience with him. Randy's sales background, deep industry relationships, and attention to detail, really allows him to understand what candidates are looking for, and the best company matches for those candidates. I've had other recruiters throw me in front of jobs, just to get a candidate in there - that is not Randy's style. He actually listens, talks to you, and understands the marketplace in order to best match the company with the candidate. A+ experience and he has a great, and warm attentive personality as well. Would 100% work with Randy in the future anytime."

"Randy possesses a deep knowledge of the digital landscape and works with a wide network of digital companies. What I valued most about Randy during my search is that he always listens and puts the job seekers' interests ahead of his own. Randy was quick to understand the type of role I was looking for, recognizing my strengths and putting me forward for exactly the right job. I truly felt like Randy was my partner and champion throughout the whole process, giving me helpful advice and feedback along the way. I would recommend Randy to any candidate as his personalized and tailored approach to the candidates' needs is a rare find."

"Randy is a recruiter in a class of his own. Job searching and finding the perfect opportunity is never a simple one however finding the right person to guide you, provide insights and support is one of a kind qualities for an applicant. This is exactly what you get when working with Randy. He listens to what you are looking for and takes the time to make sure you are always prepared. I would recommend working with him for anyone looking to find new opportunities in the ad-tech space."

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