What’s with the name?

The numerological meaning of the number 44 is about business and accomplishing goals. 44 conscientiously builds businesses for both the present and the future – it wants rewards for its work in the present and it wants to have a large positive effect on the future. The essence of the number 44 is realistic, balanced, pragmatic, efficient, disciplined, and confident.


Is a philosophical acronym for how build businesses with our clients


we apply a time-tested intensive methodology to RECRUIT vetted right-fit candidates to the table.


the most marketable candidates have options. We INSPIRE “in demand” professionals to consider your company because we know your story and represent your brand.


we SECURE optimal candidates for our clients by communicating and calibrating candidate requirements and motivations throughout the courtship process.


sought-after professionals gain satisfaction through EMPOWERMENT. Smart companies build cultures designed to engage and motivate their employees from day one. Caged eagles can’t fly.


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